Construction Products

When it matters most, trust the BSI Kitemark™.

We understand the constant pressure manufacturers face, even within a static market; to be more innovative than competitors, while creating products with greater efficiency, sustainability, and to get them to market as quickly and as safely as possible.

We help your business to gain a competitive advantage, attract new business, and increase market share by matching your innovation in manufacturing with innovation in the BSI Kitemark.

We offer BSI Kitemarks for both construction products and services, either where no standard currently exists, or where there is a need to demonstrate they meet an industry recognised standard, through independent third-party certification.

This has helped our clients to differentiate themselves from their competition, to prove their product is reliable and safe, and given them enhanced efficiency and trust in their products out in the marketplace.

CE marking for construction products

If you're looking to demonstrate that you meet the Construction Product Regulations (CPR), as a notified body, we can help you achieve CE marking for your construction products. This enables you to trade legally within the European Economic Area.

BSI Kitemark approved products and services

Do you source or specify products?

The BSI Kitemark™ is widely recognized by procurement professionals, and those responsible for major construction projects. Our product and service directory helps you easily search for approved BSI Kitemark products and installation services for tenders and validation.